This body of work sees a single line step from a beginning point into a conceptual walk through the dimensions. It attempts to fully exploit and understand the identity of line within the context of drawing practices; with a particular focus on the relationship between line as thread and line as trace.


The investigation derived from the curiosity of line and how we interact, manipulate and identify it. Secondary to this, the relationship between line and drawing is also an underlying inquiry within the work; looking at how the conception of line and drawing could almost be synonymous. During the creation of the studies, it became evident that drawing could in fact be an agent which has the ability to activate and bring potential to line.

Drawing is to draw, and you can draw by extracting. With every new line created certain characteristics and information has been extracted from the previous – the monotypes extract a positive frontal impression, just as the traced compositions extract the outline, the silhouette of the previous. Using this perspective, every activity taken place within the context of this work, is considered to be an act of drawing; an act of extracting.  Through extracting, the concept of the original line is able to move fluidly through both two dimensional and three dimensional material.

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